Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paul Greengrass to Direct 3D "Cleopatra" Film?

Paul Greengrass to Direct 3D Cleopatra Film?James Cameron recently said that he was considering directing either a 3D "Cleopatra" movie with Angelina Jolie or two more "Avatar" films. He ended up going with "Avatar."

Now comes word from producer Scott Rudin that "Cleopatra" is moving forward and a director will soon be announced. Deadline has heard that "Bourne Ultimatum" helmer Paul Greengrass is being considered, who has been looking to working with Cameron on a 3D remake of "Fantastic Voyage."

"It is a completely revisionist Cleopatra, a much more grown-up sophisticated version," said Rudin. "She's not a sex kitten, she's a politician, strategist, warrior. In the Joseph Mankiewicz movie, Elizabeth Taylor is a seductress, but the histories of Cleopatra have been written by men. This is the first to be written by a woman. We’re pretty close. A lot of directors want to do it, but there is only a handful we'll make it with."

Source: Deadline

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