Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looks like we're going to get to see a TRON: LEGACY Sequel!

TRON: Legacy was always planned to launch a trilogy of films, but after the movie didn't blow up at the box office like Disney had hoped, I wasn't sure if we would ever get to see those sequels happen. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a box office bomb, it just wasn't the big hit Disney was looking for.
The film has pulled in around $293 million worldwide so far, and they had a reported budget of $170 million, so they've made a decent profit already. It will make even more once the DVD and Blu-ray is released. But there is also money pouring in from Disney's TRON consumer products. Harry from AICN reports:
"As kids around the country pulled out wall crawling light trail leaving Tron LIGHT CYCLES from under their Christmas trees, Disney has been counting the receipts – and I’m told…  it’s about to hit the tipping point. Now the real question is…  Where does TRON go from here?  There is a plan, but it is being closely guarded."
So it looks like a new Tron sequel is imminent. According to industry insiders, TRON: Legacy is “incredibly close to having its sequel announced.” And why wouldn't it be? I think Disney has a great franchise to work with here! I loved TRON: Legacy, my kids loved TRON: Legacy and so did a ton of other people. I know the film had it's story and script problems, but it's nothing they can't fix so they can make a better sequel.

I would love to see another sequel to Tron! I had such a fun time watching the movie, and I was especially excited to see Cillian Murphy make an appearance in the film who could easily turn out to be a villain in the sequel. Disney is already very invested in this franchise, they left the ending of the film wide open for a sequel, and they also have an animated series being developed. It only makes sense that they should follow through with the original plan that they had laid out from the beginning. So I say to Disney, bring it on!

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