Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paramount Wants J.J. Abrams to Film Star Trek 2 in 3D

While J.J. Abrams still hasn’t committed to directing the second ‘Star Trek’ movie, Paramount is still asking him to shoot the movie in 3D, is reporting. During an interview with Vulture, the director said a script for the upcoming sequel hasn’t even been finished yet, but he would consider using the visual device if the story-line calls for it.

“I have nothing against 3D in theory,” Abrams also said. He added that he doesn’t run to see movies just because they’re in 3D. However, when the ‘Star Trek’ script is finished and if it says something along the lines of “Somebody pushes a weapon toward the camera in a menacing way,” Abrams said he’ll consider filming the movie in 3D.

But rumors are circulating that if Abrams does decide to return to the popular sci-fi movie series and doesn’t feel that using 3D is necessary, Paramount won’t force him to do so. Critics have become weary of the format lately, especially after Warner Bros. decided to convert last year’s ‘Clash of the Titans’ into 3D during post-production after it was shot in 2D.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Star Trek 2 Shot in 3D
Star Trek 2 Shot in 3D

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