Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flicker Free Cinema 3D From LG

LG has been on a roll. After announcing their pride joy — the largest 3D TV in the market — they have announced yet another flagship product in their 3D TV line up.

LG LW6500 Flicker Free Cinema 3D TV

The company has come up with a 3D TV set that is 'certified' flicker free. That means completely cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own living room. Of course, a claim like this is pretty serious business. So no matter how certified it is, we have to wait till it is unveiled at CES in the coming week and is put through the usual tests. The idea here is that the image would be completely stable and hence it would seem just like the cinema. This achievement has been made possible by LG's own team by developing a something called the patterned retarder panel and a 3D light boost in order to maximize brightness and enhance viewing. There's also the TruMotion 200Hz technology to watch out for, even though that is still marketing jargon for somewhat better refresh rate. Truth is that LCD panels still have a finite capability of increasing their refresh rates. This flicker free cinema 3D TV model is called the LW6500 and it comes equipped with 2D to 3D conversion to give all your 2D content the chance to be viewed through 3D glasses. There has been no word on the pricing of this TV but expect it to be on the higher side. The release date has also not been announced. It has only been said that it will be available sometime after the CES 2011 show next week. That makes our guess as good as yours when it comes to understanding when this thing it going to hit the shelves.

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